Most people out there in the driving community don't realize their options when it comes to auto repair. There are many choices as far as repair shops in our area. Many people think they are required to only go to the dealerships with their newer vehicles or with a vehicle that has a warranty "add on" to the used car that was purchased. Most often this isn't the case. Independent repair shops that have qualifications are, in many cases, more than capable of handling any repairs needed in order to retain the original or after-market warranty. At D&L Automotive we have performed many repairs and maintenance items for a large array of vehicles, and we strive to be more respectful, convenient, and far more reasonable when it comes to pricing. Partnering with a reputable nationwide parts store has allowed us to offer a two year warranty on labor and many of the parts are warrantied for life. Most dealerships don't offer two years on their parts or labor. We pride ourselves on taking care of our customers needs and believe we can  prove ourselves to be a very good option for your safe motoring needs.